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RAV4 to Join Toyota's Hybrid Lineup

Toyota recently announced that the RAV4 will be the latest addition to Toyota's family of bestselling hybrid vehicles. Scheduled to arrive make its debut in our showroom in fall 2015, the team at Ira Toyota of Danvers is looking forward to getting behind the wheel of what's sure to be a remarkable hybrid vehicle.

If you've yet to see the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid in all of its environmentally friendly glory then…

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The Perks of getting a Certified Pre-Owned Toyota

When people are looking for a car they're typically searching for something new or pre-owned. However, at Ira Toyota of Danvers we want to remind drivers that there is also a third choice during the car buying process: Certified Pre-Owned.

Certifying vehicles initially started with the luxury brands, but now a days most automakers, including Toyota, carry Certified Pre-Owned Inventory. They're a little more expensive than a pre-owned vehicle, but they also undergo rigorous inspections and have to meet strict mileage and model year requirements to earn the title.

It's not just the "Certified" name plate that…

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Prepare for summer but be ready for winter with the Toyota RAV4

If there is anything our Danvers drivers want, it's to put this winter behind them. However, knowing our luck and track record, we may not be done with Jack Frost just yet--regardless of what the calendar says. So if you are in the market for a new car, before you go splurge on a fun summer set of wheels, consider investing in something a bit more versatile. Consider making the universally weather resilient and…

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How Toyota Entune™ harmonizes the dashboard display with your smartphone

Toyota jumped on the infotainment bandwagon back in 2012, and it's taking it into the fast line with a unique approach to the dashboard display. If you're on your phone seemingly every waking hour of the day, compulsively using apps like this piece of technology wasn't even invented to call people, the Toyota Entune? is going to save you a lot of trouble on the road.

This system functions pretty much like…

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Your Toyota Camry Belongs Among the Stars

If you're even invited to a red carpet event, you'll want to dress to the nines. A fancy tux or designer dress, an expensive Rolex or diamond jewelry will have you looking like you belong. The new 2015 Toyota Camry will also be right in place, but the stylish sedan is also a more than reasonable car for your everyday commutes as well. Press play to get a glimpse of the slick new…

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Classic Toyota Corolla Reliability is Now Paired With Great Style

The Toyota Corolla is known for its reliability. When you buy one of these models, you know that you're going to have a great vehicle by your side for years to come. And now in addition to the reliability, you can also enjoy some awesome style when you drive a Corolla.

It's clear that the Corolla is one good looking vehicle. Its aerodynamics have been improved, which led to a sleeker, sportier look…

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Toyota's Charming Ad About Bold Life Choices

Human history has often been littered with struggles between fathers and their children, come of the very best works of fiction and non-fiction share this theme and have been made better by it. Sadly, these days the fathers of questionable moral standing get much more press than those that commit to doing the very best they can for their children. Toyota's most recent video on its YouTube page places four past and present NFL…

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It's Coming: A Sort-of First Look at the 2016 Toyota Tacoma

In order to build anticipation, a magician will often hide certain aspects of his trick. The not knowing is what creates tension and when it's finally revealed, the performance is a masterpiece. So consider this video below the setup to the highly anticipated reveal of the new 2016 edition of the Toyota Tacoma, that we'll all be able to view later this month at the Detroit Auto Show. In the meantime, click the…

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The Mirai Will Change The World

When the Toyota Prius was released, there was a lot of speculation about how successful it would be, but so many years later, it has created a chain reaction. Nearly all major car makers have released their version of the electric car, but in typical Toyota fashion, they are upping the ante. Toyota announced the release of the Mirai, a car which requires no gas whatsoever...well, except for hydrogen.

The Toyota Mirai was released…

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Toyotathon is a Great Opportunity to Get a New 2015 Camry

The holidays are here and that means that Toyotathon has begun. During this sales event, you can get some amazing deals on vehicles like the new 2015 Toyota Camry right here at Ira Toyota of Danvers. We think you'll love what this vehicle can do; Toyota spokesperson, Jan, certainly did.

It's pretty clear from the video that the Camry has good looks and great performance. The redesigned exterior gives it a sleek and…

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