Transmission Flush vs Change

Transmission Flush vs Change

To keep your transmission running smoothly and efficiently as you drive in Danvers, and around Peabody and Salem, there are a range of services you can have done to your transmission.

One common question our team at Ira Toyota of Danvers gets regarding transmission service is the difference between a transmission flush vs. change. Continue reading to learn the difference before easily scheduling transmission service right here.

A Transmission Fluid Change

Transmission Flush vs Change

With a transmission fluid change, you’re effectively removing some of the old fluid in the system. This will help clean out some of the dirty fluid that’s no longer able to lubricate the parts in your transmission as well, and replace it with brand-new fluid.

It’s advised to have the fluid changed in your transmission around every 30,000 miles. This will help keep your transmission constantly running smoothly and preserve its lifespan.

A Transmission Flush

The other option when you schedule transmission service is to have the system flushed. This will essentially flush out all the old fluid from the system and replace it with brand-new fluid. This is a service you can do less often, around every 45,000 miles.

Although it’s a more time-consuming and complicated process than just getting a fluid change, a transmission flush may be needed if the fluid hasn’t been replaced in a while, since contaminants could’ve been building up within the fluid. It’ll also give you the assurance that the fluid in your transmission is fully clean and new.

The Importance of Transmission Fluid

Transmission Flush vs Change

Before we detail the various services your transmission may need, we wanted to explain why transmission fluid is important to the performance of your vehicle. With all the moving parts in your transmission, the fluid makes sure they don’t damage one another. It does this by providing lubrication throughout the system, so the friction that’s created is limited.

Along with its ability to keep the transmission working smoothly with enough lubrication, the transmission fluid is also able to keep the car functioning at a safe temperature. With less friction, there’s also less heat given off by the transmission.

Which Service Does My Car Need?

If it’s been a while since your last transmission service, or your transmission fluid is extremely dirty or contaminated, then a full transmission flush may be best for your vehicle. If you’ve kept up with your transmission maintenance and have been getting the fluid changed when recommended, then you can continue to have your transmission serviced with a fluid change.

No matter the choice you make between a transmission flush vs. change, you can schedule your transmission service with us here at Ira Toyota of Danvers. We’ll be able to change or flush the fluid in your transmission and replace it with clean, quality fluid, so you can continue to drive in Danvers, and around Peabody and Salem, knowing that your car is running at its best!

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