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The MPG (miles per gallon) is a barometer for how fuel-efficient a vehicle is. Whether you’re driving long distances or not, it’s important to pay attention to the MPG indicator when you’re researching your next car purchase. The higher a car’s MPG, the less you’ll have to stop at the gas station to refill the tank. Fuel efficiency is incredibly important in today’s world with how it affects both your wallet and the environment.

Here at Ira Toyota of Danvers, we know how important this small detail is when it comes to searching for you next car. We want you to be able to travel all around Danvers, Peabody, and Salem, MA, without wasting your money filling up your gas tank.

Check out our detailed review of the Toyota Corolla’s MPG measurements below for more information!

Toyota Corolla Miles Per Gallon by Trim Level

Trim Level


EPA-estimated MPG Rating*


1.8L 4-Cylinder (CVT)

28 city / 36 hwy / 32 combined*


1.8L 4-Cylinder (6-Speed Manual)

27 city / 35 hwy / 30 combined*


1.8L 4-Cylinder (CVT)

28 city / 35 hwy / 31 combined*

No matter which trim level option you choose, you’re going to get a fuel-efficient car that’s both visually appealing and enjoyable to travel around in.

Why Is MPG Important?

There are many reasons why MPG is important, which includes:

  • Gas prices
  • Environmental issues

When it comes to gas prices, they always fluctuate and tend to rise over time. By having a fuel-efficient vehicle, you won’t have to make frequent stops at the gas station during your commutes and road trips to refuel.

As far as environmental concerns, Toyota does its best to prevent gas-reliant vehicle’s emissions from polluting the air. So, a fuel-efficient vehicle, like a Toyota Corolla, will help decrease air pollution.

What Is the Difference Between City and Highway MPG?

2019 Toyota Corolla MPG

Cars use more energy to accelerate than they do to maintain speed. Due to this, there will always be a higher MPG rating for the highway than for the city. When you’re driving in the city or around town, you’re constantly stopping and going, whether it’s because of stoplights, stop signs, pedestrian crossings, or school zones. In most communities, there’s going to be obstacles that cause you to slow down or stop completely.

When you’re traveling on the highway or on the turnpike, you’re generally maintaining one set speed for the duration. If you see a rating for combined MPG usage, it’s the average of the vehicle’s city MPG and highway MPG.

Schedule A Test Drive for The Toyota Corolla Today!

The Toyota Corolla is an excellent choice when it comes to searching for a fuel-efficient vehicle that doesn’t compromise on sport and driver satisfaction. You’ll want a vehicle that’s fun to drive and saves you trips to the gas station as you commute around Danvers, Peabody, and Salem, MA, area. For more information or to schedule a test drive for the 2019 Toyota Corolla, call us or stop by our team of experts here at Ira Toyota of Danvers.

* 2019 EPA-estimated mileage. Actual mileage will vary.

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