Community Spotlight: Salem Wax Museum

Community Spotlight: Salem Wax Museum

History is always more fun when it’s local. Add some spooky lore and you’ve got a place that’s part haunted house, part museum, and all fun. The Salem Wax Museum is an exciting attraction whether you’re looking for a good scare this Halloween or feel like immersing yourself in local history throughout the year.

About the Museum

Community Spotlight: Salem Wax MuseumAlthough most notably known for its “Haunted Happenings” that takes place in October for Halloween, the Salem Wax Museum is open year-round for anyone looking for a spooky good time. The museum is located on a dead-end street across from the Peabody Essex Museum and adjacent to the Tricentennial Witch Trials Memorial and The Charter Street Old Burying Point.

In particular, the Old Burying Point has a reputation for being one of the oldest burial grounds in Salem. This adds to the haunted mystique of the museum before you even walk in! Interspersed with the location of the museum, there are also some notable landmarks of Salem’s history including the headstone of “The Hanging Judge” John Hathorne. The museum itself has been educating and spooking visitors for over 25 years.

Guided and Walking Tours

There are two guided and walking tours that the museum provides: the Candlelit Ghostly Walking Tour and the Within a Witching Hour Spellcasting.

The candlelit tour — which is the longest-running tour in Salem — is an hour-long walk through the streets of Salem that takes you to many haunted houses and locations. Along the way, guides will discuss the history of the buildings as well as accounts of paranormal activity, including spectral evidence that can appear in photography. This means that in addition to visiting highlights such as the Howard St. Cemetery and the Old Salem Prison, you might even get the chance to snap a selfie with a ghost!

The Within a Witching Hour Spellcasting is a fun and interactive experience. During this event, a live spell casting will be conducted by a professional witch. They’ll show you the ins and outs of how a ritual circle creates a sacred space for magic.

Haunted Houses

Community Spotlight: Salem Wax MuseumIn addition to the tours, the museum also includes two haunted houses to jolt you into excitement! The first one is Frankenstein’s Castle. With this all animatronic run staff, you will descend into the winding corridors of Dr. Frankenstein’s squalid dungeon and experience first-hand the deranged scientist’s journey to create the most sinister monster in literary lore.

If you’re in the mood for something more spellbinding, the second haunted house is the Haunted Witch Village. In this terrifying program, you’ll work your way through a dark maze populated by ghouls, goblins, and various other creatures from nightmares in Salem’s longest running and largest haunted attraction.

A Spooky Time to Haunt Your Dreams

Whether you’re wanting to spice up your plans this Halloween, in need of some extra goosebumps any time of the year, or simply want to learn some history in a more exciting environment, you should schedule a tour today at 978-740-2929. You can also reach out to the wax museum on Facebook.




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