Best Sushi near Me Danvers, MA

Rolls of Sushi

If the thought of fresh seafood causes your stomach to growl with hunger or yearning, try savoring succulent sushi at these top locations near Danvers, MA. The experienced chefs at these renowned restaurants have mastered the art of preparing raw and cooked fish, and their diverse menus will cater to even the pickiest palate.

If you can’t decide where to go out to eat, read through this article to learn about some of the top sushi joints in town!

Blue Fin

Sushi and Chopsticks

The Blue Fin is revered for its colorful entrees that blend classic sushi staples with a modernized twist.

The diverse specials are always captivating, with available options like the sea urchin, spear squid, horse mackerel, king crab, and fatty tuna. If you enjoy a little spice with your meal, you can choose from a range of dishes, including the Spicy California Roll, the Spicy Eel Roll, or the Spicy Salmon Roll.

The Blue Fin has been recognized with various awards. To learn about these awards or read some rave customer reviews, check out their Facebook page!

Maki Sushi Bar

The Maki Sushi Bar is a delightful eatery that offers quality customer service, and, of course, some tasty sushi.

For an appetizer, you can start with favorites like the Cream Cheese Dumplings, the Soft Shell Crab Tempura, or the Seaweed Salad. The drinks are equally varied, with beverages like the Fishbowl for Four or the Japanese Old Fashioned.

Once you get to the rolls, you’ll have a long list of available options. The Bubba Roll is a particularly scrumptious dish featuring shrimp, cream cheese, and scallions topped with steamed shrimp and avocado.

Would you like to find out more about the Maki Sushi Bar? If so, browse through their Facebook page.

Sea Lion Sushi


The delightful Sea Lion Sushi makes it easy for you to snag your favorite dish. Simply dine in, take out, or opt for delivery!

The tough part is deciding which dish you want with so many tantalizing options available. Their sushi combos are typically a go-to play, like the Nigiri Bento, which comes with salmon, eel, shrimp, crab stick, a house salad, and miso soup. Or, if you’re entertaining guests, get one of the many sushi party platters, such as the Deluxe Sea Lion or the Ocean Delight.

If you’re ready to salivate, check out pictures of popular entrees by visiting the Sea Lion Sushi Facebook page.

Get Your Seafood Fix at These Sushi Joints near Danvers MA

As soon as you start craving fresh, made-to-order seafood, stop into any of these acclaimed sushi joints for an unforgettable meal!