How to Change Brake Pads

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From time to time, you’ll need to replace your car’s brake pads to keep your brakes in great shape for the roads of Wakefield, Reading, and Danvers. If you’re wondering how to change brake pads, just follow the steps below, laid out for your convenience by the team at Ira Subaru!  Contact us for more information.

Step 1: Raise Your Car

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You’ll need to get your car off the ground and remove your tires before changing the brake pads. Start by using a tire iron to loosen the lug nuts on the wheels whose brake pads you’ll be replacing. Then, use your car jack to lift the car and jack stands to keep it secure.

Once your vehicle is safely secured on the jack stands, finish unscrewing the lug nuts and remove the tires from the car.

Step 2: Remove Caliper Assembly

With the wheels out of your way, you should be able to see your rotors and brake caliper assemblies quite clearly. The caliper assemblies work and look like clamps, forcing brake pads against the rotors and helping your vehicle slow down.

Use a socket wrench to remove the bolts on the back of the caliper assembly and slide the assembly off the rotor. It will still be attached to the brake line-don’t leave it hanging by the brake line. Instead, set it on top of the rotor and remove the brake pad from the rotor. They may slip or pop out.

Step 3: Change Brake Pads

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Now, it’s time to install the new brake pads. You’ll want to apply grease to the back of the new brake pads (be careful not to get any on the front). This will reduce squeaking when the caliper piston presses against the back of your brake pad. Then, place the new brake pad where the old one was formerly lodged.

Step 4: Replace Caliper Assembly

With the new brake pads in place, you can replace the brake caliper assembly. You’ll notice it won’t fit on top of the brake pads, because the piston in the assembly has adjusted to the smaller width of the worn-down pads that were previously in use.

To fix this, you’ll need a brake tool. Place one of your used brake pads in the assembly, against the large circular piston. Then, place the wide plastic piece of the brake tool against the opposite side of the caliper. Turn the handle of the brake tool until the piston is fully compressed into the caliper assembly. Now, it’ll fit.

Step 5: The Finishing Touches

Tighten Lugnuts

At this point, you’re basically done. All you need to do is mount your wheels back in place and lower the car to the ground. First, put the wheels back on and tighten the lug nuts by hand to keep the wheel secure. Then, lower the car with the jack and use the tire iron to tighten the lug nuts the rest of the way.

Visit Our Service Center for Help

Congratulations: You now know how to change brake pads! We hope your DIY project goes according to plan. If you run into any problems or decide you’d rather let a certified technician handle the job, you can schedule service here at Ira Toyota of Danvers.

We have the expertise and tools to change your brake pads with speed and precision, so you can get back to the roads of Wakefield, Reading, and Danvers sooner!