Sales (New) - Salem, MA

I just bought a new Camry & I'm in love. When I first visited Ira I had a bit of an issue with not being able to take advantage of an ad I heard. Aimen did his best to resolve and improve my experience at Ira. He got me the exact car and color that I wanted & helped me workout a good deal. The finance guys are also great!! They stayed late with me in order to finish up my paperwork which was greatly appreciated. The customer service at Ira is also beyond amazing. I would definitely recommend this dealership.
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Sales (Used) - Peabody, MA

Well looking for a toyota tundra so went there several times, so during those visit was a waste of time they couldn't find the truck it was excuse after excuse then they ramp the price in a high mileage vehicles plus the way they handle the situation it was not professional at all. My conclusion I would never go there again....
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Service - Salem, MA

Ira's service department has, in my opinion, some dubious practices. Here are the facts regarding my experiences: 2003 Highlander - water pump blew while under warranty. When repaired, the timing belt was also replaced, which is apparently proper and normal procedure. When I brought it back for the next scheduled service, was told it needed a new timing belt. Once I questioned, they checked their records and realized they had already done it. 2010 Venza - replaced my windshield wipers while on vacation. Brought the car in for its next scheduled service a short time later, and was told I needed new wipers. Told them I just replaced them, and they said the technician said they were streaking. I suggested they check again. Surprisingly, it turned out I didn't need new wipers. Rather "something" was just stuck on the blade. 2010 Venza - called for an oil change (they were running a special). Told the person who booked the appointment to note that I would not be buying anything else so don't try to sell me anything. Brought the car in and met with Ludlow. He told me I was overdue for the 30,000 mile service (which I am). Told him I wouldn't be doing it that day. He then ran down all the things included in that service (which included air filters) and asked what I wanted to do. I said I wanted an oil change. I went to the waiting room. He came to see me and told me that the engine and cabin air filters were dirty and what did I want to do. Having already had this conversation once, I surprisingly didn't change my mind--just an oil change please. He then said I had a nail in my tire and that it was too close to the side wall to repair and it would be $230 for a new tire. The technician felt it wouldn't be safe to repair. Ludlow said I had a good 5,000 to 10,000 miles left on the tires. I told him not to touch it, paid for my oil change, and left. I subsequently went to a tire place where they told me the nail was close to the center of the tire and easily and safely repairable at the cost of $30 and some change so of course, I opted for the repair. Moral of the story--three times Ira's service department tried to sell me something I didn't need, which is three times too many for me. That being said, should the repaired tire blow out, I will be back to say Ira was right. However, I don't anticipate that happening. I would not recommend using their service department.
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Sales (New) - Philadelphia, PA

Best dealership around. Aiman was helpful, patient, caring, and knew that it was a big decision and purchase. He took the time to really help me make the right decision and feel great about it. The car is exactly what I want and need to last and to feel comfortable on the road. I would recommend Aiman and Ira Toyota to anyone and everyone I know!
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Sales (New) - Ipswich, MA

My wife and I have owned a Toyota Highlander for 6 years. We have been delighted with the car (I have an engineering degree and love the attention to detail) and we were considering buying a new Highlander. Having bought the first car at Ira and had it serviced there for its whole "life," we chose to start looking for a new car with Ira. We got at referral to Mr. Varoqua and were impressed at the start by his focus on what we wanted to do with the car, rather than on what product he needed to move. Between that meeting and our purchase, Mr Varoqua was attentive and clearly interested in making sure that we felt the process was going along in a reasonable way. In the final inspection of the car, he was an excellent "teacher" in the operation of the Highlander's sophisticated features. In summary, we cannot say enough about the positive regard we have for Mr. Varoqua and Ira Toyota, and we will definitely share this with our friends and family.
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Sales (Used) - Peabody, MA

Noah was absolutely the best salesperson I have encountered. My purchase of a pre-owned Toyota was very easy and painless. The finance department was extremely helpful, and we wrapped it up with the least amount of hassle I could imagine. Thank you guys !!
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Sales (New) - Milton, MA

Purchased new vehicle from IRA Toyota of Danvers. Salesman Aiman Varoqua went above and beyond in all aspects of customer service, including taking all the time necessary with us in order to choose the right vehicle and proper options for us. He set up our cell phones with the Bluetooth, met with us at our convenience, and answered all questions about the vehicle etc. Would recommend Aiman highly.
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Sales (New) - Wakefield, MA

This is my fourth lease with IRA Toyota in Danvers and by far the most enjoyable transaction. My Salesman Aiman Varoqua is A plus. Aiman was perfect in all aspects of the sale, financing, and delivery. He is first class all the way. Phone calls and email were returned Promptly. Aiman was most accommodating to my Busy schedule. All my needs were met and exceeded, The most Professional sales person I have ever dealt with.
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Sales (New) - Cambridge, MA

I recently purchased a 2014 Toyota Corolla S series on a lease. The salesperson I worked with was Aiman Varoqua who was extremely helpful and made my experience stress free. This is my first time leasing and Aiman answered all my questions. Before taking possession of the car, all features were explained and reviewed; my bluetooth was set up and contacts entered from my smartphone. I really love my new Corolla and appreciate the attentiveness I received from Aiman. I would definitely recommend IRA Toyota of Danvers to all my friends and especially Aiman. THANK YOU AIMAN! This is the second purchase I have made from IRA Toyota.
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Sales (Used) - Salem, MA

I have written a positive review before and I feel that Richard Neckers and the Ira Motor Group should be mentioned again. I called Richard today and explained that my inspection sticker was about to expire and was wondering where I should take the vehicle. Richard stated for me not to worry and he would come by and pick up the vehicle. Two hours latter I had my vehicle back with a current Ma inspection sticker and report. I did not expect this service, once again I would like to Thank Richard for taking that extra step.
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