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Customer Testimonials

Sales (New)

J.C. Was amazing to work with. Always smiling and having a relaxed, helpful attitude, he actually listened to my concerns, respected them, and worked to provide a solution. Even though I asked many questions and had done a lot of research, JC answered everything, patiently, pleasantly, and even encouraged additional questions, to make sure I felt I had all the information I needed. He was gracious to my children, and made them feel like welcomed participants. He let them write our name on my " sold" paper window tag. I think this made their day. We had previously worked with another Toyota dealership , and everything at this transaction was pleasant, in comparison to the previous dealer. We actually look forward to our next transition in just a few months, as we will be working JC again. CF
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Sales (New)

JC was very attentive, informative, and engaging. This was my first experience buying a car through a dealership and my experience was great! I recommend JC to anyone who is interested in buying a Toyota. You will be well taken care of.
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Sales (New)

Jeffrey C
JC did a fantastic job getting me a good deal and showing me my choices. He listened and took the time to work with me. He even let me drive to my house to show my family the car on the test drive Thanks JC Jeffrey C
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Sales (New)

Sally D
I had visited other dealers but THANKFULLY, I was reffered to Ira Toyota. I'm very impressed by the customer service from the moment we arrived until we left the dealership.I loved the atmosphere of the building and the professionalism and friendliness between the salesmen and other staff members. I liked the food too (yes, they fed us!).Our salesman JC went out of his way (on his day off) to assist us. JC answered all my questions and then some. He is very knowledgeable and dedicated to his work. I'm very impressed that we were there for 5 and half hours going through the different alternatives, analysing each choice, and his dedication to get us what we needed and wanted never diminished. He was always professional and kind towards us and our requests and needs. I am very thankful for his dedication. He helped me get the car that I needed and deserved! My first new car! I didn't think it was possible but him and his team made it possible. I am beyond thankful and feel blessed by this amazing experience! Thank you JC, Brandon and Ira Toyota! Y'all the best!!!
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Sales (New)

I'm a student leading my first car and JC and Mike we're the perfect people to go to! He is super outgoing, friendly, and comfortable to talk to. He made my experience go very smoothly and easy. Not one of those sales people who force you to make quick decisions or ridiculous deals. I am leasing a white 2015 Camry SE and I am absolutely love it. It is reassuring know I am safe in my car without loosing the stylish feature. JC was very open to listening to what I wanted, giving me good options, and time to think. He was very organized and professional! Great guy that knows what he is talking about that will get you the best car and deal possible. I also worked with Michael Parisi, who is in management. Such an amazing guy just like JC. Michael is also very professional, easy to talk to, and super kind. He is adamant on making and keeping the customer happy which is very important to me. I am unsure if I have his name right but finically I worked with Brandon. He got me the best deal possible which is tough for a college nursing student. He was also very professional and organized. It was very quick and easy during the finically aspect of leasing a car. JC, Michael, and Brandon made this experience possible for me, and absolutely wonderful. I will definitely be going to back to them when needed! If you're going to Ira Toyota in Danvers, see these 3 guys!! I am so happy with my car and lease! Thank you so much JC , Michael and Brandon!
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Sales (New)

Celina valenti
I brought a deal from a previous Toyota dealer and not only did JC match the price, but he gave us a lower one. Also, he had a great attitude treating us with much respect. In addition, he had the car ready at the exact time he told us to be there, not a minute later. Once I got in the car he helped me hook up all my new features including the bluetooth for my iphone, and showing me how to use all the other features. Great first experiance!!!!
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Sales (New) - Redwood City, CA

I received a mailer for a special program to upgrade my vehicle where the dealership would offer an amount over Kelley Blue Book for the upgrade, when visiting the dealership I was offered $3000 less than the avg. trade-in value of my truck, in addition the representative told me the best he could do was $1000 under MSRP on the new vehicle because the vehicle (2015 4Runner) was in great demand and short supply, I was also told that the delivery charge for the vehicle had gone up around $400 since I had last purchased one which was to validate the difference in cost from the last time I upgraded, upon checking my 2012 model sticker the delivery difference was only $60 so I was blatantly lied to in an attempt to make a deal, the dealership was dishonest, and very abrupt to work with, I have purchased 4 brand new vehicles from this dealership in the past and have referred numerous people and have been a loyal long term customer and this was how I got treated. After leaving I asked for quotes online from 5 different dealerships a 3 of them offered me $500-$800 under INVOICE, and I was also offered an extra $1500 for my trade-in on top of that resulting in a $3500 swing in the overall price, I will not be doing business with IRA Toyota again as a result of this experience.
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Sales (New)

I was a first time buyer and to be honest, I was a little nervous based on all the stories I've heard. I tried out a few other dealers and while I found a dealer I trusted, the car I wanted was not in stock. After spending way too many hours on, I took a stab in the dark and found the car I was looking for - it was available at Ira of Danvers. Headed into the dealership, I was greeted at the door by JC, who offered me something to drink - it seemed like folks weren't quite sure who I was going to work with, but ultimately, I ended up working with JC which was a pleasant surprise. JC was knowledgeable about the car I was looking for, answered every one of my questions as well as my fiance's questions (at other dealers, his questions were flat our ignored), and was super patient at explaining the car buying process to me. I picked up the car on a rainy day, so I wasn't able to do a walk around before leaving the lot - a few days later the sun came out and I noticed a few scuffs (I mean, come on, I am the only person who would have noticed those), but JC set me up with a loaner and the Collision team worked their magic (thanks Larry). Picked the car up on my birthday which was awesome - I couldn't be more pleased with my experience. I would recommend JC & the Ira team to anyone :-)
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Sales (Used)

I have been completely dissatisfied with my current car and the service I've been receiving from my current dealership (all non-Toyota), and was desperate to get into a new car, whatever the cost. I knew I'd have some negative equity so that made me a little nervous, but Nick was completely understanding of my situation and worked with me. I never once felt pressured or judged throughout my entire visit. I went in, told him which car I was interested in, test drove it, and signed some papers. He didn't once try to talk me into something else, which I really appreciated. I can't wait to pick up my new Corolla and deal with a dealership that actually seems to care about the safety and peace of mind of its customers.
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Sales (New)

JC was a huge help and excellent sales person to do business with. He was very enthusiastic, energetic and tended to my every need. He is very knowledgable and personable and would highly recommend him to friends and family and I couldnt of asked for a better salesman. Steve P in financing works miracles. I am nowhere near an ideal or even easy candidate for financing, but he not only got me financed, but got me financed with excellent terms, and a loan suited to my needs that I expressed to him at the beginning of the buying process. The first salesman I dealt with before JC almost lead me out the door and to another dealership, but between JC's resiliency and Steve's "can do" attitude when fixing the problems caused by the first salesman I dealt with, I highly recommend dealing with both these individuals and will do so again in the future. Thank you both very much for your help!
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